First Day of School (Guest Submission #3)

My monthly “Firsts” series has highlighted a bunch of different topics, but I wanted September to have a back-to-school theme. My own first days have been insignificant and forgettable, so I asked for submissions and got a handful of responses. Below, Caitlin tells us about her first day of middle school. 

Before talking about my first day of high school, let me tell you a little about myself. I came from a very small school which consisted of about 256 people and the grades ranged from kindergarten- 8th grade. A LOT of drama occurred, so I wasn’t very social and I was timid too (still am).

photo-45I first thought of high school as a very horrid place that gives tons of homework. I thought I would die in high school. Because of my overly imaginative mind, I thought that my height made me an easy target for bullying.

Two days before my first official day of high school, we had a freshman orientation. I was very nervous since I didn’t know majority of the people there.

When I entered the school, we had to get name tags and I noticed that there were two weird names on it. Then, we went to the gym and we did some ice-breakers. I basically glued to some of my classmates that whole time.

After that, the principal introduced himself and we were split into groups based on the group name–the weird name on my name tag–so I was separated from my classmates. We did some more ice-breakers and went to the second group where we watched videos on what the school had to offer. I was still shy to talk to the person next to me.

Next, we had to take pictures for our ID and get an interview which was very awkward. Then I just waited for someone that I know to pop out….but they came about an 1 hour after. During that time,I saw this guy walking around and he looked like he really wanted to talk to someone, so I built up all my courage to say “Hi! My name is Caitlin. What’s your name?”

This was the very first time I didn’t feel nervous about meeting new people and I continued to do that with different people that whole day. The reason why I was able to not as nervous was because I knew they were just as nervous as me.

The very official day of high school. Since I made some friends a few days before, I felt more confident about myself and I believed that I was going to have a great time in high school. I just acted like myself, used the same principle, and I began to make more and more friends.

I never expected high school to be so fun. I wasn’t very nervous as I expected myself to be. None of my new friends were in my classes, but a few of my classmates from my previous school were in 1-2 classes. Even though the friends I made the day before weren’t in my classes, I was able to make more friends because we did icebreakers and group projects. I met my friends at lunch and break. Overall, it was the best year ever!

About today’s guest blogger: Caitlin is a fashion blogger and beauty specialist. She was born in Hawaii, but raised in California. She describes herself as an “ordinary girl who wants to one day inspire people and build their confidence.” She’s chasing after my dreams and improving every day.

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