If We Were Having Coffee (Move-In Edition)


“Welcome to to our crib.” –my roommate, Viv

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about the whirlwind 48 hours I’ve just had. I left Portland at 10pm Friday night and flew to Newark, which happens to be my least favorite airport of all time. This trip was no exception; my flight was delayed two hours (for a reason nobody could explain) and my gate changed from an extremely dingy one to one that was literally just a door–no screen, no specified seats, nothing. After the last four people to board the plane had to get off due to weight restrictions, we flew to Ithaca and I caught a cab to my dorm.


“Is it mooo-rning yet?”

I’d tell you about my “trouble” (a triple that’s essentially a double–I only have one other roommate but there are three beds). The third bed is becoming our guest couch, the third desk is our kitchenette, and the third dresser & closet is overflow clothing storage. We’re still decorating, which mostly means covering our extensive wall space. I bought a “book to color” (it doesn’t call itself a coloring book) that has ridiculous pictures of animals in it. Because we’re very mature, professional adults, we’re gonna tear out the pages and use crayons to color them before we put them all over our walls.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about all the bloggy things that I’ve doing. I’ve been releasing my latest photo series day by day (thank you for all your likes and feedback!), I have a few guest bloggers lined up for September, I’m hosting Feminist Friday soon, and there’s a handful of posts that I’ve conceptualized and/or drafted that I’m super excited about that I think you’ll love too.

And, of course, I’d sip my iced coffee and ask about you. What have you been up to? 


7 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee (Move-In Edition)

  1. Congratulations on a successful move-in! You’re so lucky to have all that extra furniture at your disposal – hopefully it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space that you’d rather have empty though. Glad your roommate is going along with the blogging venture.

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