My husband is more to me than a living jar-opener

On a recent plane ride from Portland to California,. I was traveling alone and had a moderately heavy carry-on suitcase with me.
I boarded the plane and lifted the suitcase into the overhead compartment right behind where I was sitting. I won’t lie and say I looked effortless. I definitely showed in my body language that it was heavy and awkward.
As I closed the compartment with my suitcase situated inside, the woman sitting on the aisle seat of that row smiled and said, “Where are those men when you need them?”
I turned to her, said “I’m self-sufficient, thank you,” and took my seat in the row in front of her.
Firstly, you just saw me successfully lift my suitcase above my head. Okay, it was difficult, but I did it.
Secondly, there were multiple men around, and none of them offered to help me. You know why? BECAUSE I WAS CLEARLY LIFTING MY SUITCASE MYSELF. Furthermore, those men, who were already seated, were not obligated to come to my aid when I appeared to be struggling a bit. I likely would’ve turned them down if they’d offered me help.
Just like I am more than my reproductive system, men are more than strong shoulder muscles, thank you very much.

Fit and Feminist

If you’ve been on the internet at all in the past week, you’ve probably already seen the Women Against Feminism tumblr going around, or at the very least read about it.

I didn’t think too much of it when I saw it, for two reasons. For one, most of the women had a tenuous grasp (at best) on the definition of feminism, one that seemed like it was informed in its entirety by Rush Limbaugh and Jessi Spano, and also the belief that “misandry” jokes are actually serious.

The other reason was that most of the “women” actually looked like teenage girls. Considering that I was super into Ayn Rand when I was a teenage girl, I can’t get too far up on my high horse with regards to the contributors. Let’s just say that if Tumblr was around in the late 1990s, I’m sure there’d be a photo of…

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