I’m revamping my Flickr account. I need somewhere to put my photography (“Hey, Sabina, don’t you have a blog that also features photography?” “Leave me alone, you’re such a know-it-all”).

I should be wary of Flickr due to an event I like to call the Flickr Fiasco of 2013 in which I lost everything I’d put on the site since 2011 (it was partially my fault, and I won’t let it happen again). But I believe in second chances, so I’m returning to Flickr under my new brand of Victim To Charm.

If you liked the “What a Dancer Needs” photo series I posted two weeks ago, you’ll want to see the rest of the photos from that collection. It’s a gorgeous set, if I do say so myself.

Click here. Do it. I mean it. There are dancers waiting for you. 


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