Six Months?

It’s been six months today since I started chronicling my life and opinions on Victim to Charm. It’s been amazing to both have a forum to write freely and a place where I can learn from, teach, and connect with other people in the blogosphere. Thank you to everyone for following, reading, and commenting on my blog! 

This blog’s journey started late one night in January after my best friend had returned to college and I was feeling lonely and restless. I’d started multiple blogs before that I’d never stuck with due to 1) ambitious goals of posting daily and 2) subject matter that was frankly even boring to me. I’d been considering starting a blog for a few weeks, and then my IRL friend Veronica said, “I’m starting a blog.” That was the catalyst I needed: we could motivate each other to keep writing so this blog wouldn’t join the others in the Cemetery of Blog Shame. 

Six months later, I’ve written 45 blog posts. I’m immensely proud of most of them. Even the ones I’m not in love with are still valuable to me because they show my progress. Here’s a roundup of all of them, inspired by a post by one of my Blogging 201 classmates.

blog 2January

1. This won’t last. 

2. Five years of long distance.

3. Why on earth have I been on 20 college tours?

4. Somehow college is functional.

5. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about dorm lounges.


1. Productivity is simple but friendship is hard.

2. 24 hours was almost too much for me.



1. Put your phone down, maybe you could help someone.

2. I wasn’t this cool at 11.

3. I’m finally not a total failure!

4. You know what they say, age is just a number.

5. Stick it to the man, cut off your hair.

6. My name is not Sabrina.

7. Can somebody diagnose me please?



1. For the sad days.

2. A beginner’s guide to approaching disability better.

3. These are my privileges. 

4. If you’re a prospective student, I’ll probably chase you down.


1. Movie theaters are just big boxes of tears and unity. 

2. Do something creative every day.

IMG_15703. Sometimes I can’t avoid FOMO. 

4. I also can’t speak Portuguese. 

5. No time for jet lag, it’s important monument time.

6. Knowing something about religion might come in handy here.

7. Let’s play a game called find an unexpectedly beautiful monastery!

8. No tourist-bashing, please.

9. Portuguese fado > Italian opera.

10. Twitter and feminism go hand in hand.

11. Sisters and husbands are more alike than you’d think.

12. I’m an American, and I’m jealous.



1. Maybe I’m not a typical American though.

2. Lives intersect at the Alhambra.

3. Please give me a salad. Please. 

4. The Sagrada Familia ROCKS.

5. Picasso and Dali are the exceptions to the rule.

6. Function and beauty are not mutually exclusive.

7. I found it! 

IMG_23908. I’ve learned a lot at 17. 

9. We found cats on a (hot tin?) roof.

10. Silly travel selfies are the best.

11. But maybe you’d prefer other silly pictures. 

12. This isn’t satire. Or is it?

13. Back to work, where I get paid to be cool.


1. Internet friends are now real life friends and it’s the best.

2. The good, the bad, and the power of suburban communities. 

3. Time to confess. 



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